Statins and Cholesterol


An interview with Pippa Jones discussing the importance of cholesterol and the damaging effects of statins

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3 comments on “Statins and Cholesterol
  1. Glyn says:

    Great message Zoe,
    The cholesterol paradox exposed

  2. Bill Aspden says:

    So Chickens make cholesterol because it is needed in the eggs for the development of new life. How harmful is that! And my chickens are vegetarians (except for some insects [wait for the ad. hoc. hypotheses] so do not get any cholesterol in their diet. So I guess chickens make a lot of cholesterol in their body. Perhaps we should put all chickens on statins to prevent them having heart attacks? Wow and my chickens look so healthy and playful!!!

  3. Vanessa says:

    Just a note to say well done Zoe, very clearly and concisely explained. Also, listeners may be interested to know that Duane Graveline is also a (now-retired) medical doctor and former USAF flight surgeon, so also has the credentials to know what he’s talking about!

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